Old News


Covid-19 is the WORST! We hope all of the Shark families are happy and healthy!

Winter Session 2 is beginning this coming weekend.  Please make sure to check schedules and availability.  Payments are now due.  

Many of our teams finished in the top half of their divisions, if not winning them outright! Congratulations to all the athletes and coaches involved in the Sharks! Keep up the GREAT work!

The past two weekend have been very good to the sharks! 

The final stats for the 6/7/19 Northstars Tournament was an awesome outcome for the Westsharks FC!
Out of 9 teams entered, 4 teams were champions, 3 teams were finalists, and 2 teams had awesome performances in tough brackets.


Thank you to all the players, families, and coaches for a fun and successful weekend supporting what our kids work so hard for!



 '07G, '07B, '08, CNY United '06G


'10B, '09G, '05G

This past weekend, 6/15-16/19 in Rochester NY, many Sharks teams participated in the Lakefront Classic Showcase in Rochester.   Again, the kids represented very well.  

The 2008 boys and girls both took home the "Gold" medals in their divisions.  The 2007 girls lost in the championship and the Great White 2005 Sharks had a strong win against a Canadian team, but failed to make the semis despite a terrific effort.

PLEASE REMEMBER TO USE THE AVAILABILITY FUNCTION ON TEAMSNAP!!!  Upcoming tournaments are listed and we would like to have several teams represented.  Look for info from your team managers on the Summer Blast Tournament at CNYFSC on July 14th.  Also, the Salt City tournament on 7/20-21 in Liverpool.  


It has been far too long since the last news update for the Sharks! In the past 6 months, we have competed and completed a whole winter session!  If you haven't done so already, please make your payments for the Spring and Summer sessions as soon as possible.

Please remember to update your Teamsnap availability as often and soon as you can as well.

Congratulations to West Sharks CNY United for winning the championship at Chili Invitational this weekend! 


The first week of the second session is in the books for a lot of teams.  The Sharks fared well across the board.  Please be patient with schedules as the facilties work out their scheduling puzzles.  Games and info will be posted to teamsnap ASAP.


 This  friend and coach, who has DEVOTED AND INVESTED ENDLESS TIME, ENERGY AND CARE into our kids and soccer club is working towards his USSF D License, which is a two month course and requires several hours of training.  For some of that training, he needs actual, physical bodies.  What better way to show our appreciation than volunteering some time, like he does, and helping reach his D license!?  Please let him know at your earliest convenience if your daughter, age u12-u14, is available on 2/3/19. 

Thank you! -Paul G.


Several Shark boy and girl teams traveled to the Ramapo Tournament in Milton, NY this past weekend.  We are proud of how all the teams represented the Sharks Family! Congratulations to all the participants.

Please make sure to mark your availability for both games AND practices.  It truly helps in planning and organizing.  Please do not assume your coach knows whether you will attend or not.

The first winter session is coming to an end soon. Please let us know by the end of this week if your child does not plan on playing in the second session. We are going to assume that you are coming back if we do not hear from you by this Sunday and keep your child on a team! We do have players on a wait list for both Boys and Girls, so we need to know if we have any spots available. Payment for the second session will be due by Feb 10th. Details of any changes to your teams for the second session (practice times, leagues, etc.) will be provided by your coach before the next session starts.



Happy Holidays from the Sharks family!

A big SHOUT OUT to Don and the CNY All Star Cafe at CNYFSC for sponsoring a Sharks team in the Holiday tournament!  The kids had a great time and enjoyed their catered lunch and snacks!  Thank you.  



Congrats to the 07/08 boys team for finishing undefeated in their first CNYJSA season!

Rosters and game times have been finalized and distributed for this weekend's friendlies with Lakefront.  Please check Facebook or your email for more info.  Good luck to all team representing the Sharks at Lakefront!


It has been a little while since we have updated the news!  The fall friendly and JSA seasons are nearing completion.  Kudos to all of the teams for representing the Shark family so well!  Lots of success in the 1492 tournament for all teams!  Maybe not wins, but PROGRESS and fun. 


Most teams have reached their capacity.  If you would still like to register for a team, you may be wait listed. If this occurs, a team representative will contact you to let you know what the options are.


Registration for new players is now OPEN.  If you are interested in joining the Sharks family, you may register above.  Teams have limited availability based on amount of players registered and available coaches.  They are filling up quickly!  If an age level reaches its' cap, you will be wait listed and we will be in contact with you. 


What a terrific party on New Year's Eve! Thanks to all who attended and more thanks to those that organized it.  Many pictures were added to the Fan Gallery.

In tournament action this past weekend, the Tiger Sharks did a great job against some very tough competition.  They should be proud of their efforts.

The Hammerheads lost in the championship game to SDA 06, a formidable foe.  It was the semi rounds where the real excitement went down, as the Hammerheads defeated Coliseum (Utica) in an overtime thriller.  The Sand Shark Boys met with very tough competition in their tournament.  Though they were winless, the progress they are making is worthy of tremendous pride!


Not too much news to report this week.  Be on the lookout for an email re: The New Year's Eve festivities, as well as the new session which starts in the beginning of February.

The '07,'06 and '05 girls went 4-0 this weekend.

Nice work!


Jen Pawelczyk will be holding a

Parent Meeting this week.


6:00 pm (Mako Sharks) & 7:00pm (everyone else)

Sunday at Pine Grove during the practices.


Overview of the West Sharks program
Indoor Practice
Next Session Indoor
Outdoor Leagues
Odds & Ends


Thank you to all the Sharks who participated in the community service project making cookies for the Ronald McDonald House this past weekend!  The cookies looked great and I bet many of them have already been eaten by the time you read this!  Take a look at the pics on the Fan Gallery.

New Year’s Eve: it is the last week to make reservations under our block at the Holiday Inn! We have 9 families coming and many more that expressed interest, it will be a lot of fun so get your reservations in! Let us know once you have made reservations so we can add you to our planning list. We will start planning next week…games, decorations, party favors, food, drinks, etc.!

Shark girls teams went undefeated on Saturday.  Nice work! Keep it up.

One of the most important aspects to your child's development is through practice.  We understand, especially at this time of year, that paying an $8 fee per practice can be challenging.   However, it is important to remember the skills learned in practice transfer to the game.  Although practice is not mandatory to participate on any Sharks team, it is highly recommended.  Many of our older girl's teams have been very successful this year and one of the main reasons is because they have a high attendance rate for practice.  You can not expect individual or team improvement without putting forth the extra effort to attend practices.  The good news is that once the weather turns, outdoor practice has NO COST! We currently only charge the minimal fee because we have to rent the facility.  Please make an effort to attend at least 2 practices a month.  Dave and the other volunteer coaches who run practice would rather be sitting on their couch, watching football, preparing for the coming week or just relaxing too.  We promise if you practice, you WILL improve! (See Practice schedule in menu above.)



Another crazy soccer weekend is in the books, and once again the Sharks played like well oiled machines! The Mako boys tallied their first win of the season with a 2-0 win over Valley.  Congratulations!

The Hammerheads (with some help from Eastside Soccer!) Tournament team won the Turkey Gobbler Tournament against formidable foes in fantastic fashion.  Overall, they went 5-0-1.  The championship, against a talented Pink Ladies team, ended regulation @ 2-2.  After a 4 minute overtime period, the score remained unchanged, forcing the game into sudden death, :60 player reduction periods.  (After each minute, a player is removed until someone scores.)  SIX MINUTES LATER, it was whittled down to 2v2...a goalie/field player and a field player on each team.  The battle ended with Hannah "Havoc" Goodness scoring the winning goal assisted by Emily "Wrath." 

It was an amazing end to a long day of soccer.  See the video below.  I am sure the girls were exhausted.  Congrats Ladies! Well done.  Good luck to all the teams this coming week.



The wonderful Christmas cards have been sent to Jacob!  Thank you to all who contributed to this kind gesture!

The Sharks still have a couple of spots left to help out at the Ronald McDonald House on December 2nd from 12-2pm.  Please let Dave know if you have interest to help out!

Good luck to all teams with games this weekend, and to the girls team playing in the Turkey Gobbler Tournament at CNYFSC.  Schedules will be available shortly. 

Most importantly, The Sharks Family wishes you and your family a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving!



Congrats to all the teams that won this weekend.  Keep up the good work. 

Please let your coach, Jen or Dave know if you will be missing a game at your earliest convenience so substitutes can be lined up.

Apparel orders are in.  Talk to Dave to get them.  They are in his car, so he can give them to you at games or practices or arrange a pick up.

The SHARKS STORE will be re-opening soon for new players and anyone wishing to beef up their holiday gift list.  We will let you know when it opens.  There is a link above. 

Don't forget to send you Christmas cards for Jacob that Mary Kleberg is organizing! Thank you Mary.


The West Sharks indoor season has gotten off to a great start!  Keep up the good work, ladies and gentlemen. 

Our distinguished leader, Dave, and some Shark friends attended the annual NYSWYSA awards gala to celebrate Dave's winning of the Rec Coach of the Year! Congratulations again, it is well deserved.  Schedules for most teams are posted, and hopefully the teams playing at SC481 will have some games this weekend! Play well.

Finally, PLEASE SEND IN YOUR PICTURES.  There are links all over these web pages.  We are still in need of team pictures for each group.  Kim Thompson sent some fantastic shots in!


70 degrees and sunny on October 21st? WHAAAAT?  The sun wasn't the only bright spot today, as the Sharks represented well in Rochester for the "Friendlies" against Lakefront Soccer Club.  The Boy & Girl Sharks went  3-3 overall, but more importantly, displayed tremendous teamwork and perseverance! 

The already-terrific-day was pleasantly interrupted with a visit from a VIP in the women's soccer world...take a look at the "Pic of the Week!"  What a lucky  opportunity!  Lots of new pics in the Fan Gallery, too!  


The final week of Fall Friendly games ended         Shark-cessfully!

The '05/'06G finished undefeated with a record of 6-0, bringing their combined record for summer and fall to an impressive 16-1 !  The '06/'07 girls completed a 5-1 fall season, and equally impressive combined season record of 15-2 !  While the '07/'08 B's and G's fell to difficult competition, again they proved they can hang and didn't let their games get away from them.  We are proud of ALL of the Sharks teams and what they represent on and off the field.

Perhaps most surprising was the performance of the '05 JSA team, who completed the season with a record of 4-1-1.  Grace E. lead the team to victory Sunday afternoon with BOTH goals in a 2-1 win over Utica area's Krajisnik Turbo.  This team faced formidable foes in the form of many Club teams from CNY.  Though it was just a friendly league, and results were not posted, we are pretty sure our record was the best!  Excellent work on the pitch all around for the West Sharks!  We look forward to the winter Indoor season which starts right around the corner. 

Let's go have some fun in Rochester! 


What a jam packed soccer weekend for the Sharks! Friday night, the '05 and '06 girls picked up wins against Fusion Nova and Blue Flash (Again...) respectively. The '07 girls tied Syracuse United, and the boys fell to Rc Rage 3-2...which is a huge improvement from the last time they played them, and that is what is important! Our JSA '05 girls took a win against Soccer Central, 1-0, and are now 3-1-1.  Besides regular league play, the '05/'06 girls placed SECOND in the 1492 Tournament, and the '08/'09 placed third in their division!!  Congratulations, Sharkettes.  Take some much needed (and deserved) time off from practice for a couple of nights! See you Thursday.  This is the final week of Fall Outdoor seasons.  Please let   Jen P. know what your plans for the winter are if you haven't done so already...


CONGRATULATIONS to Coach Dave Pawelczyk for receiving the

New York State West Youth Soccer Association


We are all proud of our favorite coach!


Friday was another good showing for the Sharks, as both the '05 and '06 girls tallied a win and the '06/'07 boys and girls fell in competitive games.

The '05G team played at 5pm and with a late game winning goal by Kara R., brought their record against the Blue Flash FC to 2-0! The boys played a very difficult team, LSA, and managed to hang on throughout a tough battle with inspired performances by many players, but fell short of the win. 

'07/'08G also drew a tough opponent, and though valiantly played, would end up with a loss.  The final game for the Sharks pitted the '06 girls against WGFC Navy, and they handled them nicely with goals from a few contributors, winning the match 5-1.

Two other games worth mentioning were the scrimmage vs. East Side Soccer and the last minute friendly vs. Striker Boys.  A beautiful shaded pitch on a hot fall day was the perfect setting for an evenly matched battle of the East Side vs. the West.  Sharks would win 3-2, and a rematch is scheduled for tomorrow night!  Also, many of the Sharks team played am impromptu match against the Strikers boys team on Firday and notched another win.  Good work all!


'05 Sharks JSA battled Forza FC this afternoon in the HOT September sun.  Forza struck first midway through the first half, but Grace F. took advantage of a beautiful corner feed from Lauren "Crazy Train" Z. to tie it up going into the half.  Amanda P. was able to put the Sharks on top 2-1 with a tough angle top spinner.  An unlucky defensive miscommunication led to another Forza goal to tie the game at 2 with about ten minutes to go in the match.  From then on, the Sharks DOMINATED and produced many shots on goal.  But despite their best efforts, the game would end 2-all with the ball barely reaching the Sharks half of the pitch.  These ladies are currently 2-0-1.  A fantastic start to friendly fall league play against quality competition!