Boys: @Pine Grove

Reef, Blue, Goblin Sharks -2008 and older boys

Wed: 6-7:00pm 

Sun: 5-6:00pm 

Tigers, Sixgills and Bulls -

2009/10 Boys

    Wed: 6-7:00pm

    Sun: 5-6:0pm 

Mako, Megalodons and Spinner Sharks - 2010 and younger boys

     Wed: 5-6:00pm

Girls: @Pine Grove

Angel Sharks 2010/11

Thursday 5-6:00pm

Lemon, Copper 2009/10

Sunday 6-7:00pm

Thursday 5-6:00pm

Mako, Sand 2008/09

Sunday 6-7:00pm

Thursday 6-7:00pm

Great White, CNY United, Bull and Tiger- 2006 and older

Sunday 7-8:00pm

Thursday 7-8:00pm

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